Reformer Jump Board

Useful and dynamic addition to the Reformer repertoire

Our Jump Board is made from solid plywood and is sanded polished and lacquered to a beautiful smooth finish.

Our unique design sits on the inside of the standing platform with a stainless steel saddle held on both sides by a bolt with a heavy duty nylon threaded (steel inserted thread) knob. This allows easy access in and out for time saving purposes.

Thee Jump Board is designed to fit with the reverse face side of the jump board sitting neatly against the foot bar in the middle position.

We use the same grippy rubbery vinyl as we do on our Reformer foot bar covers, so this provides a unique grippy surface.  This padding is firm yet springy, whilst allowing good proprioception contact with the feet.

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Comfortable yet firm and grippy contact surface


Stainless steel saddle with 2 nylon knobs for firm attachment

Timber block stopper on back of jump board for perfect positioning every time

Beautifully finished in clear lacquer and upholstered  with Grippa material


Width 530 mm

Height (from top of standing platform) approximately 500mm


Retail Price:

$370 plus gst

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